A new application designed for mobile phones running Android and iOS will delight all lovers of good beer. It was developed in the development team of iNeed Company Ltd. and launched on November 21st, 2012. The main advantage of this application is the possibility to search different beers and breweries, show different shops, mark your favorite beers, evaluate them and many others.

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Eva Mission

Mission Eva, top secret – a new book from Tamara Heribanová was published in November 2012. The book is unique not only for its story and appearance, but also for a special interactive application for tablets developed by iNeed Ltd. The book evokes the impression of a secret diary thanks to a special cover coated with a rubber band, beautiful illustrations and written font that provides a new dimension to the story. It was baptized together with the application on November 6th by Martin Pyco Rausch and Táňa Pauhofová, however other celebrities such as Kristina Farkašová, Peter Cmorík or Zdenka Predná were present as well.

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